Live Sales Q&A Call

LIVE Sales Coaching Q&A Call with Scott Sambucci!

  •  January 10th, 2018 // 11:00 am - 12:20 pm PT

Ask me ANYTHING Sales Related...  

  • Prospecting & Lead Gen. “What’s the best way to leverage LinkedIn for Leadgen?”
  • Managing Deals Through Your Sales Pipeline. “I have a stalled deal and I’m not sure what to do next.”
  • Pricing. “All of my prospects are saying my product is too expensive.”
  • Hiring. “Should I just hire a sales guy?”
  • Onboarding & Training. “I just hired one SDR, how can I get her up to speed quickly?”
  • Team Management. “Best practices for managing your sales team.”
  • Sales Metrics. “What metrics should I use in my sales process?”  
  • ANYTHING Sales Related is fair game.